grady yarbrough, jr.
licensed professional counselor     
For over 30 years as a personal and professional coach and counselor, Grady Yarbrough, Jr. has helped clients develop a vision for success, set goals, and overcome a myriad of personal and professional challenges. Whether your current pain is a crisis or a chronic disruption, Grady's intervention will be competent, compassionate and professional.

With a rich understanding of human behavior, and years of experience Grady will help you assess your personality, your strengths, your motivations, your weaknesses and blind spots.
You will learn how others perceive you and why. This understanding provides a foundation for your growth.

Grady provides personal & professional development, counseling &  psychotherapy, and life & executive coaching. He works with adults and students, troubled marriages, substance abuse and addiction, grief, and adjustment to difficult changes.

Counseling  &  Psychotherapy  |  Executive Coaching  |  Life Coaching
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1510 South Main Street, Suite 100
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  Clients typically report:
  • A clearer understanding of how they got to be where they are in life
  • Discovery of "True Self" - living how God made you to be -  rather than from a false self,  however it was formed
  • Restoration of meaning and purpose, worth and value, love and acceptance
  • Freedom from hitting the same walls - stepping into the same traps
  • Improved communications skills
  • Ability to accomplish more with less
  • Reduced stress
  • Restored and/or strengthened relationships
  • Stronger leadership
  • Growth of genuine, authentic self
  • Revitalized relationship with God